9 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Bookkeeper

Not every bookkeeper is the same …


Do you have a guaranteed response time?

It is good for a bookkeeper to guarantee a response time that fits within your expectations, regardless if it is in 1 hour or 1 day. Also find out how they generally will respond; is it with a call or email.


How do I retrieve financials when I need them?

Look for a bookkeeper who provides you reports on a regular basis, but also will provide quick access to your financial information as-needed.


How long have you been in business and do you have any references?

Work with a professional bookkeeper with a good reputation, experience, and great testimonials. Would you trust your plumber to do your bookkeeping? It is important that you can trust your hard-earned money and have confidence knowing they are a sound operation.


How do you stay up to date on all the changing regulations and new tax laws?

Tax laws often are a moving target. They can change at any time, and often do. Work with a bookkeeper who knows the law, and is diligent about staying current with all financial and tax laws.


Is your pricing competitive vs. value for dollars?

The cheapest price and cut corners, most commonly will not get you the results you want. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to pay more for the same service you would get with a competitive price. Assess the cost and make a sound decision based on the value of the services provided. It’s also important to make sure there aren’t any hidden fees. Ask for full pricing details up-front to ensure no surprises down the road.


Are you adequately licensed and insured?

Make sure your bookkeeper has the appropriate license and insurance for the service you are requesting.


Will you offer guidance with other bookkeeping related services such as a filing system, insurance, banking, credit card processing, payroll and corporate structure?

Your business isn’t only about your books. A business has a lot of moving parts that all should be accounted for at the right time to make sure you can be as successful as possible.


Are you flexible about location? Will you come to my office or will I have to go to your office?

It’s important to work with a bookkeeper that has your needs in mind. Find the solution that works for you and your business.


How will you get the necessary paperwork? Will I have to bring it to you?

With today’s technology, transmitting paperwork should be a relatively easy process. Make sure that your bookkeeper has a plan that’s right for you and your business.

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